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Subject areas

Transport and Logistics Management

With so many exciting and important themes available to research and the general shortage of well-trained researchers in transport and logistics, the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) always encourages inquiries.

ITLS has a large number of research themes, which we believe would make an excellent research program. These can range from highly quantitative to highly qualitative research topics with a focus on basic and applied research.

ITLS has the largest group of postgraduate students in transport management in Australia. Our full-time research students become close members of ITLS and have open access to research facilities and internationally renowned academic staff in transport and logistics.

Facilities for research students at ITLS are excellent. Each full-time student has an individual work area, with full access to computers, printing, photocopying and fax facilities. Students also have access to the ITLS resource collection including leading transport journals, data, and other material.

Students must choose a topic of research related to the interests of ITLS staff. ITLS Sydney encourages research in areas of transport economics, modelling, passenger and freight, planning and management, and in logistics and supply chain management, across all modes.

Many ITLS research and consulting projects involve several aspects and modes of transport management. Areas of doctoral and master's research available at ITLS include:

  • freight infrastructure and operations: ports, railroads and carriers
  • supply chain management
  • logistics and freight management
  • information and pricing management in logistics
  • optimisation in supply chain operations
  • transport economics and management
  • competition and competitive strategy
  • GPS and GIS applications in transport and logistics
  • health and environmental impacts of travel choices
  • traffic safety
  • traffic systems
  • understanding and changing travel behaviour
  • travel-demand forecasting
  • transport survey methods
  • ownership and performance
  • travel choice and demand modelling
  • transport and spatial development
  • transport data issues
  • transport policy
  • tourism
  • organisational analysis and human resource management
  • emergency evacuation and management
Further enquiries

Dr Andrew Collins
Postgraduate Coordinator (Research)
T +61 2 9114 1832