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The Writing Hub is part of the Teaching and Learning Network and offers units of study in writing and rhetoric.

There is no major available in Writing.

Program structure and content

Essays, exams, reports, speeches, bibliographies, reviews – these are everyday writing tasks if you are a university student. The Writing Hub’s units of study increase the choices available to you in your academic writing to enable you to develop a robust and effective writing process for your academic needs. But our approach to writing goes beyond academic writing. After exploring ancient and modern theories of rhetoric and argumentation, our students can adapt their writing to suit different professional, political or educational tasks.

All of our units of study include a blend of online and face-to-face activities. For example, in WRIT1000, you might discuss online video clips of international sportspeople to learn more about how different cultures construct a sentence or paragraph. In WRIT1001 you might link up online with students at Stanford University to discover how advertising can reveal the secrets of academic argumentation. In our senior-level units you might watch famous orators from history and conduct research to create your own show-stopping speech, or you might identify an issue in Australian society and use unique styles of Australian communication to increase community awareness.

As employers increasingly look for people who can write in a range of ways for a range of reasons, our units improve your academic writing by helping you develop a writing process for all situations.

Available WRIT Units
To include units on writing and rhetoric in their degree, students can choose the following:

  1. Up to 2 junior WRIT units of study (12 credit points), including WRIT1000: Writing English – Style and Method, and WRIT1001: Writing and Rhetoric 1 – Academic Essays
  2. Up to 2 senior WRIT units of study (12 credit points), including WRIT2002: Advanced Writing and Research, and WRIT3001: Rhetoric in Australian Society.

Summer and Winter School
Our junior units of study are also available in Summer and Winter sessions. For more information, see

There are no prerequisites for our junior units of study. Students wanting to enrol in WRIT2002 will need to have completed 18 credit points from any subject area. Students wanting to enrol in WRIT3001 will need to have completed 36 credit points from any subject area.

Contact/Further Information

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