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Indian Sub-Continental Studies

The department of Indian Sub-Continental Studies is in the School of Languages and Culture (SLC).

Program structure and content
The Department of Indian Sub-Continental Studies offers programs of study in language and non-language areas, introducing traditional and modern cultures, religions (especially Hinduism and Buddhism), history, literature, politics and social structures of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan) as well as Tibet. Non-language-based units of study devoted to traditional and modern Indian culture and society and religious and philosophical traditions are taught as part of the Asian Studies and Buddhist Studies programs. The study of the Sanskrit language is central to the Indian Studies program. It is the language of the Hindu scriptures, and much Buddhist and Jain literature. It is also the language of a huge body of Indian poetry, drama, epics, law books, as well as political and scientific literature. Sanskrit may be taken as a major into fourth year Honours. An emphasis is placed upon equipping students with the necessary linguistic and methodological skills to carry out higher level research in the language. Units of study in Pali, an important canonical language of Buddhism, are offered at first and second year level.

Requirements for a major
Entry requirements
Students who wish to major in Sanskrit must complete 36 senior credit points in Sanskrit units of study including both Sanskrit Research Preparation units (SANS2612 and SANS3612).

A major is not currently offered in Pali.

Cross-listing policy
Please check the cross-listing schedule located on the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences website.

Foreign language requirement for major
Apart from the Sanskrit necessarily attained in units of study required for the major, no further language is required.

Pathways towards a major
SANS1001, SANS1002, SANS2601, SANS2602, SANS3601, SANS3602, SANS2612 and SANS3612 must be completed. Units of study may only be waived due to prior experience or expertise subject to departmental approval.

Sanskrit Honours entry requires the completion of 8 senior units of study: a major at credit average in Sanskrit language units of study and two additional units of study chosen from:

  • ASNS2620 Classical Indian Philosophy
  • ASNS2621 Buddhist Philosophy
  • ASNS2623 India: Tradition and Modernity
  • ASNS2624 Understanding Buddhist Literature
  • ASNS2625 Buddhism in Modern Asia
  • ASNS2626 Religious Traditions of South Asia
  • ASNS2627 India, China, Tibet: Cultural Relations
  • RLST2623 Meditation and Self Transformation
  • BDST2611 Buddhist Philosophical Traditions
  • BDST2612 Buddhist Meditative Practices
  • BDST2616 The Buddha’s Words

Honours is not currently available in Pali.

Please note: Not all units of study are available in every year. Please refer to Table A of units of study to see what is available in 2013.

Contact/further information
Department website:
Chair of Department and Undergraduate coordinator: Dr Mark Allon