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Psychology, a discipline within the Faculty of Science, is often taken as part of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science. It can be taken as a major within either of these programs. Students should note that in the Bachelor of Arts degree, Psychology may only be taken as a second major, and students must also take a major from one of the subject areas listed under Table A for the BA. Different rules apply to the Bachelor of Liberal Studies. Under these rules, students may take a major in Psychology as their major in Science and will also take their major in Arts from one of the subject areas listed under Table A of the Table of units of study for the BA.

For a major in Psychology, the minimum requirement is 48 credit points across intermediate and senior Psychology* units of study. The Intermediate Psychology units required for the major are PSYC2011, PSYC2012, PSYC2013 and PSYC2014. No other Intermediate Psychology units can be counted towards the major. The senior units must include PSYC3018.

*Note: HPSC3023 History and Philosophy of Science and Psychiatry can be counted towards a Psychology major.

The Psychology units of study are outlined in Table B in this Handbook, and further details of all Psychology units of study can be found in the Faculty of Science Handbook. For progression to a fourth year in Psychology at the University of Sydney, please see below for the requirements for entry into Psychology 4 Honours.

Psychology 4 Honours
Prerequisite for entry: A major in Psychology (as above) with an average of Credit or better across the prescribed PSYC2000 level units of study and across the PSYC3000 level units of study that make up the remainder of the 48 credit points which must include PSYC3010. Due to restricted resources for research supervision, the intake to Psychology 4 honours is limited and is determined by academic merit in PSYC2000 and 3000 level units of study.

Please note: If you plan to complete a major in psychology with any possible intention of proceeding to a fourth year (Honours) in psychology (at any time and at any institution) then you need to ensure that the major is completed within an accredited degree program.