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The Sydney Conservatorium of Music (SCM) offers a music program to students studying on the main campus through its Arts Music Unit as part of the Bachelor of Arts degree for up to six semesters of full-time study at pass level and eight semesters of full-time study at honours level.

The Arts Music Unit is located in the Seymour Centre and most classes are held on the Camperdown campus. It offers a diverse range of units designed for students with broad interests in the study of music in culture who will mostly pursue other careers. Students with professional musical aspirations may take some music units in the SCM on the Macquarie Street campus.

BA Junior units of study
First year offers four foundation units. MUSC1503 Fundamentals of Music 1 and MUSC1504 Fundamentals of Music 2 (6 credit points each) are beginner entry music language courses and require no previous musical training at entry. Students may also choose either MUSC1506 Music in Western Culture or MUSC1507 Sounds, Screens, Speakers: Music and Media (6 credit points each). More advanced music language courses in Harmony and Analysis and Aural Skills are available to suitably qualified students in the SCM music specialist program (up to 6 credit points). Completing 12 junior music credit points permits access to the widest range of senior music units.

BA Senior units of study
Many senior music units do not require previous musical study and have no specific prerequisites. All students, whether they come to the Arts Music Unit as beginners, or with an HSC in Music, or even self-trained in music, can take a major in music and from there proceed to an Honours year, and/or postgraduate study in the subject.

Students wishing to take a major in music must complete a minimum of 36 senior music credit points including MUSC3699 Understanding Music: Modes of Hearing. It is recommended that students have a good working of music theory terminology before undertaking MUSC3699.

Students are permitted to undertake some additional approved Sydney Conservatorium of Music units of study on the Macquarie Street campus as part of the music major. These are listed on the Arts Music Unit Blackboard site.

Music Honours
Admission to Honours in music is granted to students who have completed a music major with a credit average, plus 12 special entry credit points as follows: MUSC3609 Musicology and either MUSC2631 Music and Everyday Life or 6 credit points in SCM Harmony and Analysis and/or Aural skills.

Further information
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Seymour Centre J09
Phone: +61 2 9351 2923
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Chair of unit: Dr Charles Fairchild