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Indigenous Australian Studies

Koori Centre
Academic Coordinator
Ms Lynette Riley

What is Indigenous Australian Studies?
Indigenous Australian Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study. It gives students an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and knowledge systems, and draws upon the ideas and methods of disciplines including history, literature, sociology health, linguistics, film and archaeology to examine the scholarly and everyday construction of knowledges about Indigenous peoples, experiences and histories.

Taught by Koori Centre academic staff, Indigenous Australian Studies units are offered through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and are available to all students as a Table A major.

How do you major in Indigenous Australian Studies?
To major in Indigenous Australian Studies you must complete 36 senior credits points (generally 6 units) of Indigenous Australian Studies units. These can be Koori Centre units of study only or you can select up to 18 credit points (generally 3 units) of cross listed units. Cross listed units are offered through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, but please contact the Koori Centre to find out more.

The new units reflect the evolving discipline of Indigenous Studies and articulate the many voices, perspectives and priorities of Indigenous Australian peoples and communities. Students are given the opportunity to engage in analysis, discussion and debate around key issues that are of significance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Some of these issues include language revitalisation, the burgeoning field of Indigenous film and literature, the ongoing efforts to improve Indigenous health outcomes and the broader pursuit of Indigenous self-determination and social justice.

Enrolment and registration
Students enrol in the Indigenous Australian Studies units through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Students will be allocated tutorial sessions automatically as part of the enrolment procedure online.

Need help?
Contact the Koori Centre to find out more about how you can build an Indigenous Australian Studies major that complements your study program.

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