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What is a major?

Whilst a stream defines the primary disciplinary focus of your course, e.g. a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), a major is an area of specialisation within your course (e.g. Environmental Engineering). Upon completion of your selected major you will have a broad understanding of that subject area and the ability to focus on, and carry out further research in that field. There are 24 engineering majors.

Majors generally "align" with one or more streams and the units in the major will tend to include units from the aligned streams. These majors can normally be done within the standard number of credit points for your degree. Check the details on individual majors for the list of engineering streams with which they they most closely align. Permission is required to attempt a major which requires you to exceed the credit point limit of your degree, which will be granted only in exceptional circumstances.

A major requires the completion of 48 credit points chosen from units of study listed in the table for that major. Where the major includes the thesis units, the thesis project should be done within the context of the major.

Majors are optional, there is no requirement to complete a major.

If you choose to complete a major, the subject area that you choose to major in is indicated on your testamur.