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Master of Rehabilitation Counselling

Work Integrated Learning

The clinical education/work integrated learning experiences are generally highly regarded by students within their programs. Provision of appropriate placements for students within the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) is a significant aspect of each professional right of entry program and is coordinated by the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) unit within the faculty. All placements are provided to students with the view to meet the program objectives, unit of study objectives, Australian professional accreditation requirements and (where appropriate) Australian professional registration requirements. The WIL processes around placements have to be quite structured, with very limited opportunity to make allowances for individual student circumstances or preferences unless there are extenuating reasons.

The timing of student placements often falls outside the standard University of Sydney semester periods. Students must be available to attend placements across the year, with the exception of the two-week University close down period around Christmas/New Year. Students are strongly advised to check the timing and duration of their placements with the WIL unit before committing to any travel arrangements, work commitments or other personal activities for the duration of their program, as personal commitments can only be taken into account for the planning of placements in very limited extenuating circumstances.

All students who are Sydney based could expect to complete at least one placement outside of Sydney during the course of their program. Students based outside of Sydney could expect to complete a placement in the greater Sydney area. Students are required to plan ahead in order to fund all costs themselves for any placement away from their home base. Students must also be prepared to apply in advance (during their program) for relevant competitive scholarships or grants that may provide some financial assistance for rural/remote placements.

All students are required to have completed the relevant pre placement compliance requirements in the indicated timeframe prior to the placement commencing. Failure to do so may result in the student not being allocated a placement by WIL or cancellation of the placement by the placement organisation and impact on the student’s progression within their program.

As part of compliance requirements, all students are required to complete relevant compliance requirements, prior to commencing their first placement. These requirements may include:

  • obtaining a National Police Certificate (National Criminal Record Check). Note: there may be additional requirements for international students
  • meet the requirements of NSW Working with Children legislation (if required)
  • meet the requirements, including vaccinations and immunisation for NSW Health placements (if required)
  • as well as other requirements.

It is strongly advised that students commence the application for the National Criminal Record Check (to obtain a National Police Certificate), vaccinations and immunisations (if required), well before they are scheduled to commence a placement. These requirements can take some time to complete.

Students must be aware of specific information on these requirements.

Students are also required to familiarise themselves with the information on the FHS Placements website.