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Note: Information in this section should be read in conjunction with theUniversity of Sydney (Higher Degree by Research) Rule 2011, the Academic Board Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Resolution.

The Faculty of Health Sciences currently offers two research higher degrees – the Doctor of Philosophy and the Master of Applied Science. Please click on the links to the left in order to access course rules governing admission to candidature, enrolment, progression, candidature management, supervision, and submission requirements for each degree.

Prospective Higher Degree Research candidates may contact the Faculty’s Research & Innovation Office to obtain general information about our research degrees and processes, or visit the Faculty of Health Sciences future research students webpage. This page provides information on the application process, guidelines for writing a preliminary research proposal, a general enquiries form and access to Supervisor Connect where you can search current research opportunities and supervisors.


All Higher Degree Research students are required to comply with the responsibilities of students as set out in Section 15 of the Supervision of Higher Degree by Research Students Policy 2013.


Wherever possible, at least two supervisors (a research supervisor and an auxiliary supervisor) who are members of the academic staff of the Faculty of Health Sciences should be appointed for each higher degree by research student. Supervisors must meet the supervisor eligibility requirements as set out in the University’s Supervision of Higher Degree by Research Students Policy 2013.

Research Topics

Higher Degree Research students are encouraged to align their research with the areas of research strength within the Faculty. Students may apply to change their research topic during the course of their candidature but only with the approval by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Academic Units of Study

Students who require some background in a particular area that is of relevance to their research may, with the approval of their supervisor, request to enrol in a Faculty of Health research elective unit of study specifically for higher degree research students. There is no cost for higher degree research students to be enrolled in Faculty of Health Sciences academic units of study.

Candidature Variations

Changes to candidature usually require Faculty of Health Sciences approval. The relevant forms are available from the Faculty of Health Sciences HDR current students page. The forms include information on the relevant polices and list the documentation required to accompany each request.

Upgrading from Masters to PhD

Students enrolled in a Master of Applied Science degree may apply for Faculty of Health Sciences approval to upgrade to the Doctor of Philosophy after one year of full-time equivalent study. To be eligible, students must have had at least one satisfactory annual progress review, support from their research supervisor and an appropriate project proposal (preferably within the Faculty’s areas of research strength.)

Thesis submission and examination

Before commencing writing up a thesis, students are strongly urged to read the Thesis Guide published by the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Associate (SUPRA), which can be found on the SUPRA website. Details on submitting a thesis for research degrees can be found on the Faculty of Health Sciences HDR Current Students page.

After the examination of a thesis, the student may be asked to make changes to the thesis to the satisfaction of their relevant Faculty Research Group Convenor, before the degree is awarded. Higher Degree Research students are now required to provide a digital copy of the final version of the thesis (rather than a hardbound copy) for electronic lodgement with the University library


When students graduate they will receive a testamur stating that they have satisfied requirements for the award of the relevant degree.