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Business Sustainability

The Business Sustainability specialisation allows students to tailor their focus on sustainability around a range of possible foci, including sustainable business growth, sustainable transport, energy, social sustainability and corporate environmentalism and the business implications of climate change. The Business Sustainability specialisation provides students with expertise to identify the risks to, and opportunities for, value creation given rapidly changing regulatory regimes, social attitudes and environmental challenges. An understanding of sustainability is therefore a key competency for successful business graduates in an era of significant regulatory and market change (e.g. carbon emissions pricing, sustainability corporate rankings, reputational risks).

Requirements for a Business Sustainability specialisation

To achieve a specialisation in Business Sustainability within the Master of Commerce, students must complete 30 credit points in units of study comprising:

  • 6 credit points in foundational units of study*;
  • 6 credit points in compulsory units of study; and
  • 18 credit points in elective units of study.

*Students can complete any available foundational unit of study to meet this requirement.

A sample pathway for the Business Sustainability specialisation (spread over two years of the Master of Commerce degree) is listed below.

Year Session Units of study
First Semester 1 Foundational unit (any)
Semester 2 Compulsory: WORK6033 Organisational Sustainability
Second Semester 1 Elective for specialisation Elective for specialisation
Semester 2 Elective for specialisation

Please Note. This sample progression is meant as an example only. Depending on unit prerequisites, students may be able to complete these units in a different sequence to that displayed in the table above.

For details of the foundational, compulsory and elective units of study required for the specialisation please refer to the Business Sustainability section of the Table of postgraduate units of study: Commerce in this handbook.