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The Banking specialisation provides a detailed examination of the workings of banks and related deposit-taking financial intermediaries in the context of the banking system in particular, and the financial system generally. The core units equip students with an understanding of the structures and functioning of financial institutions, and issues related to banking in a contemporary, globalised economy. Study in banking takes an applied approach, teaching students the diverse roles of banks within a dynamic financial system, the management and regulation of banks in the domestic and international contexts and the activities of private and investment banks.

Requirements for a Banking specialisation

To achieve a specialisation in Banking within the Master of Commerce, students must complete 30 credit points in units of study comprising:

  • 6 credit points in foundational unit of study;
  • 18 credit points in compulsory units of study; and
  • 6 credit points in elective units of study.

A sample pathway for the Banking specialisation (spread over two years of the Master of Commerce degree) is listed below.

Year Session Units of study
First Semester 1 Foundational: FINC5001 Capital Markets and Corporate Finance
Semester 2 Compulsory: BANK6002 Bank Management
Second Semester 1 Compulsory: BANK6003 Global Supervision of Bank Risks Elective for specialisation
Semester 2 Compulsory: BANK6005 International Banking

Please Note. This sample progression is meant as an example only. Depending on unit prerequisites, students may be able to complete these units in a different sequence to that displayed in the table above.

For details of the foundational, compulsory and elective units of study required for the specialisation please refer to the Banking section of the Table of postgraduate units of study: Commerce in this handbook.

Further information

For further information regarding study in Banking in the Commerce coursework programs, please contact the Postgraduate Discipline Coordinator for the Discipline of Finance.