University of Sydney Handbooks - 2019 Archive

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Progression guide

Students progress through this degree as set out in the following table.

Mid to late 2019 Start of 2020 Mid to late 2020
Session 1 Session 2   Session 3 Session 4   Session 5 Session 6 Session 7
FMBA5001 FMBA5003

FMBA5014 Internship (voluntary)

FMBA5005 FMBA5007 FMBA5009 Project (voluntary) FMBA5010 FMBA5012 FMBA5013
FMBA5002 FMBA5004 FMBA5006 FMBA5008 OR FMBA5011
FMBA5014 Internship (voluntary)

For further details on how individual units will be offered, students should refer to the MBA page on the Business School website or contact the Program Coordinator, MBA Programs.