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Areas of interest – Urbanism

The Urbanism Research Group investigates the design, characteristics and processes of urbanism (living in cities) and the policy and planning solutions proposed to create better cities. It is a group of urban researchers concerned with the dynamics, experiences and governance of cities and regions.

The group is especially focused on the intersections between markets and policy intervention in shaping urban structure, housing, transport/mobility, community and the public realm.

The group conducts multidisciplinary, engaged research through the Urban Housing Lab which brings together urban planners, geographers, economists, architects and computer scientists; we focus particularly on housing through our Australian Housing and Research Institute Sydney research centre; and we examine digital technologies and their transformation of cities, including, but not limited to smart cities.

The group’s research domains include international studies with a focus on Southeast Asia and the Pacific; metropolitan planning; housing studies; regional policy and many other fields of policy and development.
The group’s expertise contributes to the following Labs:

Our researchers also contribute to other groups in the University:

For further information contact Professor Nicole Gurran (

) or any member of the research group.