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Spanish and Latin American Studies


Department website:

Chair of the Department
Dr Fernanda Peñaloza

Phone +61 2 9351 6893

Dr Vek Lewis

Phone +61 2 9351 4524

Supervision for research degrees is currently available in the following areas:
  • 20th and 21st century peninsular Spanish narrative
  • 20th and 21st century Catalan narrative
  • Cultural and linguistic policy in Spain and its Autonomous Communities
  • Catalan nationalism
  • Same-sex desire and transgender in Latin America in literature and film
  • Queer and transgender theory
  • Post-revolutionary, modern and contemporary Mexico and Cuba
  • Debates in Latin American cultural studies
  • Revolution and resistance movements in Latin America
  • 19th to 20th Century Latin American processes of cultural production, circulation and
  • Narrative constructions of models of modernity and identity
  • Interrelations between fiction, colonial discourse, travel writing, aesthetics and anthropology