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Study in the discipline of Geography is offered by the School of Geosciences in the Faculty of Science. Units of study in this major are available at standard and advanced level.

Program structure and content

Geography is the study of earth as the home of people. As the need to find solutions to issues of environmental sustainability, population change and globalisation have become more challenging, the skills and knowledge of geographers have come to the forefront. Students of geography are interested in their world, and are taught to think critically about the relationships between people, environments and places.

The knowledge and skills gained from studying geography at the University of Sydney provide a launch pad to a professional career in an array of fields including environmental management, planning, overseas development and consulting research. Our geography program has strong links with various national and international organisations that provide pathways for further studies at Honours and postgraduate levels, and into the workforce. It differs from high school geography in that it provides more opportunities for independent learning, introduces new techniques and skills, offers flexibility for you to follow your interests and is tailored to real-world events and issues.

First year planning for a Geography major

Recommended: GEOS1001/1901 and GEOS1002/1902.

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