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Brain and Mind Sciences

Graduate Certificate in Brain and Mind Sciences

Graduate Diploma in Brain and Mind Sciences

Master of Brain and Mind Sciences


  Graduate Certificate in Brain and Mind Sciences Graduate Diploma in Brain and Mind Sciences Master of Brain and Mind Sciences
Course code KG019 or GCBRMISC1000 KF057 or GNBRMISC1000 KC089 or MABRMISC1000
CRICOS code 068827F 068826G 068825G
Degree Abbreviation GradCertBMSc GradDipBMSc MBMSc
Credit points required to complete 24 36 48
Time to complete full-time 0.5 year 1 year 1 year
Time to complete part-time 1 - 2.5 years 1 - 3 years 2 - 6 years


This postgraduate program strongly promotes the philosophy of interdisciplinary research that underpins the Brain and Mind Centre. Diseases of mental health are explored from both the basic and clinical research rather than as disparate scientific disciplines. The core units of the program give students a foundation in fundamental neuroscience and its translational and clinical applications. Critical appraisal of the biomedical literature is developed, as is the ability to use this to inform further research or clinical applications.

The elective units of the program approach disorders of the brain and mind from the perspective of clinical staging; how they emerge during development from early childhood, adolescence and into old age. Other areas of focus at the Brain and Mind Centre and in the postgraduate program are genetic aetiology of brain and mind disorders, neuroimaging, practice of therapeutic strategies from pharmacology to cognitive behaviour therapy, and principles of neuropsychological assessment. Workshops in clinical leadership and policy will give students an understanding of the broader provision of support in the mental health field.

Capstone units of study are designed to allow students to delve into an area of Brain and Mind Sciences and produce an original work of scholarship. Those students accepted into the research activity unit will have an opportunity to work with a research group at the Brain and Mind Centre culminating in a mini thesis.

The postgraduate program in brain and mind sciences brings together lecturers from the cutting edge of their respective fields. Students will emerge with an understanding of the very latest in interdisciplinary research and the skills to use this in professional settings in the laboratory, clinic or allied mental health care fields.

Course outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Brain and Mind Sciences will be able to demonstrate:

  • mastery of the knowledge, principles and methods of the brain and mind sciences
  • training in the skills required to apply the basic knowledge, principles and methods to problems of professional practice (research and/or clinical)
  • acquisition of specific skills in the use of relevant procedures, technologies and techniques in relation to research investigation, assessment, diagnosis and management of brain and mind disorders
  • development of the skills and attitudes to exhibit initiative and self-reliance in critically evaluating and synthesising ideas and information related to the units
  • development of the skills and attitudes to work effectively and collaboratively within teams from different disciplinary, professional and cultural backgrounds.

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