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Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Development

Graduate Certificate in Medicine (Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Development)

Graduate Diploma in Medicine (Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Development)

Master of Medicine (Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Development)

Master of Medicine (Advanced)(Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Development)


Graduate Certificate in Science Medicine (Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Development)

Graduate Diploma in Science in Medicine (Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Development)

Master of Science in Medicine (Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Development)

Master of Science in Medicine (Advanced)(Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Development)

These degrees are not available to international students.

  Graduate Certificate Graduate Diploma Master Master (Advanced)
Course code (degrees in Science in Medicine)

Medicine: 083649E Science in Medicine: 083650A

Medicine: 083647G Science in Medicine: 083648F Medicine: 083643M Science in Medicine: 083721B Medicine: 083644K Science in Medicine: 083646G

Degree Abbreviation GradCertMed(PharmDev)    GradCertScMed(PharmDev) GradDipMed(PharmDev) GradDipScMed(PharmDev) MMed(PharmDev) MScMed(PharmDev)

MMed(Adv)(PharmDev) MScMed(Adv)(PharmDev)

Credit points required to complete  24  36  48  60
Time to complete part-time
 1 to 2 years  1.5 to 3 years  2 to 4 years  2 to 5 years


The Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Development program has been developed to meet the growing need for expertise in modern drug development practices and provide training in state-of-the-art techniques, approaches and requirements for the registration of medical products.

The degrees are tailored to professionals working in the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industry, regulatory affairs, drug product evaluation, registration and therapeutic marketing sectors. This program is designed to introduce students to modern approaches to drug and device design and development, providing an up-to-date set of skills essential for the current industry environment.

Students will learn current methods used in drug development, including: molecular therapies; novel-formulation; clinical trials design and analysis; and personalised medicine. Pharmaco-economic, pharmaco-vigilance and pharmaco-epidemiology related to drug development will also be taught. The process of medicine and medical device registration encompassing therapeutic guidelines, regulation, documentation and post-registration follow up, and the range of drug technologies and medical devices that exist, their properties, classification, development and manufacturing requirements will be studied. Students will prepare and critically evaluate ethics and regulatory submissions, clinical trials and drug registration information.

A great benefit of the course will be interacting with similar people at a similar stage in their career, sharing knowledge and skills in a supportive environment, as well as making key contacts with leading experts in industry and regulatory bodies.

Course outcomes

The program has been designed to ensure that the knowledge you gain can be applied to current industry needs and be readily integrated into your day-to-day work. You will have the opportunity to learn the basic science underpinning innovative therapies, current pharmaceutical trends, regulatory processes, communication and decision-making, and the evidence and ethics relevant to the pharmaceutical industry. You will gain insights and understanding into the key steps involved in current pharmaceutical processes to bring products to market.

Course Information

The program is designed and delivered by leading industry and regulatory professionals and academics. The flexible format of interactive online delivery is perfect for professionals whose continuing education is limited by time and distance.

Further enquiries

Professor Paul M Young
Phone: +61 2 9114 0350