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Units of study

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Graduate Diploma in Criminology

Exemption from core units of study should not be assumed to be automatic. Formal approval must be obtained from the Sydney Law School prior to enrolment
Students must complete 24 credit points, comprising 12 credit points of core units of study and 12 credit points of elective units of study.

2017 Core Units of Study

Crime Research and Policy

Core unit for MCrim and GradDipCrim students and co-requisite for other criminology units.
Semester 1
Explaining Crime

Core unit for MCrim and GradDipCrim students and co-requisite for other criminology elective units.
Semester 1

2017 Elective Units of Study

Anti-Terrorism Law
6    N CISS6011 or LAWS3483
Intensive May
Crime and Media
6      Intensive April
Criminal Justice Internship
Note: Department permission required for enrolment
This unit is offered to students enrolled in the MCrim and GradDipCrim only. Interested applicants must submit an Expression of Interest (maximum two typed pages) clearly outlining reasons for applying, details of previous internships undertaken (where applicable), perceived benefits of completing the internship, preferred placement agency/agencies and steps that the applicant will undertake to organise a placement. Those applicants demonstrating the greatest interest in and perceived benefit from the Internship will be accepted. The Expression of Interest must be submitted to Dr Garner Clancey by 20 Nov 2016. Successful applicants will be formally notified of the outcome of the Expression of Interest and enrolment procedures explained no later than 30 Nov 2016. Successful applicants will then work with Dr Clancey to arrange placement at preferred host organisations. Please note that placement may be subject to permanent Australian residency in a number of organisations.
Intensive April
Criminal Law and Markets
6      Intensive March
Criminal Law: History and Theory
6    A LAWS6034 Criminal Liability, undergraduate criminal law or by permission of Unit Coordinator
Intensive October
Criminal Liability

Core unit for MCrim students. This unit is an introduction to aspects of criminal law for non-lawyers and is therefore not available to students who have completed a law degree or completed criminal law at a tertiary level.
Semester 2
Death Law
6      Intensive April
Discretion in Criminal Justice
6      Intensive August
Environmental Criminology: Space and Place
6      Intensive May
Forensic Psychology
6    N PSYC1001 or PSYC3020
Semester 2
Hate Crime
6      Intensive March
Mental Illness: Law and Policy
6      Intensive September