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Juris Doctor

Units of study

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Juris Doctor Elective Units of Study

Students must complete 42 Credit Points of elective units of study.

2017 Part 1- International, Comparative, and Transnational Electives

Students must complete a minimum of 6 Credit Points from Part 1 to satisfy the International, Comparative, and Transnational requirement
Advanced Public International Law
6    P LAWS1018 or LAWS1023 or LAWS2005 or LAWS5005
N LAWS3009 or LAWS3408
Semester 1
Chinese Laws and Chinese Legal Systems
6    N LAWS3014 or LAWS3068

Enrolment in the Shanghai Winter School is by seperate application to the Law School.
Intensive December
Semester 2
Development, Law and Human Rights
6    N LAWS3478 or LAWS6846

Enrolment in the Himalyan Field School is by seperate application to the Law School.
Intensive January
Semester 1
Energy Law: Renewables and Emerging Tech
6    P LAWS5002
Semester 2
International Commercial Arbitration
6    P LAWS1015 or LAWS1002 or LAWS2008 or LAWS5002
N LAWS3092 or LAWS3437
Semester 1
International Economic Law
6    P LAWS2005 or LAWS1018 or LAWS1023 or LAWS5005
N LAWS3090 or LAWS3439
Semester 2
International Human Rights Law
6    P LAWS2005 or LAWS1018 or LAWS1023 or LAWS5005
N LAWS3034 or LAWS3434
Semester 2
International Moot
6    P LAWS1018 or LAWS1023 or LAWS5005
N LAWS3035 or LAWS3093 or LAWS3489

Note: Department permission required for enrolment
Enrolment in this unit of study will be by special application, and will be based on competitve selection in accordance with the rules of the individual competition.
Intensive December
Intensive February
Semester 1
Introduction to Islamic Law
6      Semester 2
Japanese Law
6    N LAWS3076 or LAWS3444

Applications for the offshore intensive unit are by seperate application to Sydney Law School.
Intensive February
Migration, Refugees and Forced Migration
6    P (LAWS2002 or (LAWS2010 and LAWS1021) or (LAWS5007 and LAWS5010)) and (LAWS1004 or LAWS3000 or LAWS3003 or LAWS2011 or LAWS5011)
C (LAWS2002 or LAWS2010 or LAWS5010) and (LAWS1018 or LAWS2005 or LAWS1023 or LAWS5005)
N LAWS3045 or LAWS3458 or LAWS5158 or LAWS3453 or LAWS5153 or LAWS3499
Semester 2
Private International Law B
6    N LAWS3015 or LAWS3457
Semester 2
United States Constitutional Law
6    P LAWS5011 or LAWS2011 or LAWS1004 or LAWS3000 or LAWS3003
N LAWS3418 or LAWS5118 or LAWS3491 or LAWS5191 or LAWS3496
Semester 1
War Law: Use of Force and Humanitarian Law
6    N LAWS3440 or LAWS3086 or LAWS3483 or LAWS6218 or LAWS6062
Semester 1

2017 Part 1 - Master's Level Electives (International, Comparative, and Transnational)

Students may choose no more than 24 Credit Points of master's level units of study in the Juris Doctor.
Business Crime
6      Intensive December
Chinese International Taxation
6    A Available to students who have successfully completed an undergraduate/postgraduate unit of study in tax law.
Intensive August
Comparative International Taxation
6      Intensive September
Corporate Governance
6      Intensive February
Corp Soc Responsibility: Theory/Pol

Available to MLLR students who commenced after Jan 2015.
Intensive July
Cross-Border Deals
6    A Available to law graduates only. Students undertaking this unit must have a good working knowledge of the Australian Corporations Act and the rules and practices applicable to securities offerings and takeovers or the equivalent in their home jurisdiction.
Intensive October
Death Law
6      Intensive April
Doing Business in China
6    A undergraduate law degree from a common or civil law jurisdiction or LAWS6252
Intensive August
Doing Business in Emerging Markets
6      Intensive September
Expert Evidence and Class Action Procedure
6    N LAWS6230 or LAWS6869

Students without a law degree or equivalent may enrol in this unit but should be aware that the unit focuses on legal and evidentiary issues. This unit replaced LAWS6230 Expert Evidence and LAWS6869 Class Actions and Complex Litigation.
Semester 1
Gender Inequality and Development
6      Intensive March
Global Energy and Resources Law
6      Intensive May
International Business Law
6    A LAWS6252 or law degree from a common or civil law jurisdiction
N LAWS3438, LAWS5138

Core unit for MIntBus&L students. This unit is available as one of the core units for GradDipIntBusLaw students.
Intensive September
International Dispute Resolution
6    N LAWS6202
Intensive August
International Environmental Law

Students seeking further study in international environmental law may undertake LAWS6922 Advanced International Environmental Law.
Intensive May
International Import/Export Laws
6      Semester 1
International Investment Law
6      Intensive March
International Family Law
6    A Available to students who hold a law degree or knowledge of private international law
Intensive March
International Law and Technology
6      Intensive August
Labour Law in the Global Economy
6    A LAWS6252 or a law degree and LAWS6071

This unit replaced LAWS6816 Labour Law in the New Economy
Intensive July
Law and Investment in Asia
6      Intensive March
Law, Justice and Development
6    N LAWS3478, LAWS5178

This unit is compulsory for MLawIntDev students.
Intensive April
Law of the Sea
6      Intensive October
Market Manipulation and Insider Trading
6      Intensive October
Mergers and Acquisitions in Asia
6      Intensive June
Muslim Minorities and the Law
6      Intensive September
Principles of Financial Regulation
6      Intensive April
Principles of Oil and Gas Law
Note: Department permission required for enrolment
MIL and GradDipIL students may enrol in either LAWS6990 Principles of Oil and Gas Law or LAWS6933 Global Oil and Gas Contracts and Issues, but not both. Pre-enrolment registration is required. For further information, please visit Sydney Law School website
Intensive July
Tax Treaties
6    A It is assumed that students undertaking this unit have an understanding of Australian income taxation law commensurate with that which would be obtained from completing undergraduate study in Australian taxation law or five years working with Australian tax law in a law or accounting practice, in an industry role or in the Australian Taxation Office. For students who do not have such knowledge or work experience, they first should undertake LAWS6825 Introduction to Australian Business Tax before enrolling in this unit.
Intensive June
US Corporate Law
6      Intensive April
US International Taxation
6      Intensive May
UK International Taxation
6      Intensive September
World Trade Organization Law I
6    A limited knowledge of law of treaties
Intensive August