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Unit of Study Table

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Software Engineering Stream Table

Software Engineering Stream Core units

Complete all 108 credit points of the following units of study:
Introduction to Computer Systems
6    A HSC Mathematics extension 1 or 2
Semester 2
Introduction to Programming
6      Semester 1
Semester 2
Data Structures
6    P INFO1103 or INFO1903
N INFO1905
Semester 2
Summer Early
Algorithms and Complexity
6    A MATH1004 or MATH1904
P INFO1105 or INFO1905.
Semester 2
Operating Systems and Machine Principles
6    A INFO1105 OR INFO1905.
P INFO1103 or INFO1903.
Semester 1
Systems Analysis and Modelling
6    A Experience with a data model as in INFO1003 or INFO1103 or INFS1000
Semester 2
Database Systems 1
6    P INFO1003 OR INFO1103 OR INFO1903 OR INFS1000 OR DECO1012.
N INFO2905, COMP5138, INFO2820
Semester 1
Introduction to IT Security
6    A In order to enter this unit, students should have at least one semester of tertiary study of IT. In particular, we assume familiarity with the value of information, and with the varied uses of IT in business and personal activities. We also assume an introductory level of skill in using a computer (for example, creating and moving files and folders, downloading and installing files, etc). The assumed background would be achieved by completing INFO1003 Foundations of IT. We also assume previous instruction in verbal presentations and teamwork.
Semester 2
Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory
6    P 6 credit points of Junior Mathematics units
N MATH2011 or MATH2009 or MATH2969
Semester 1
Software Development Project
6    P INFO3402 AND COMP2129 AND (COMP2007 OR COMP2907 OR COMP2121)
N INFO3600
Semester 2
Internet Software Platforms
6    P INFO1103, INFO2110, (INFO2120 or INFO2820)
N EBUS4001
Semester 2
Object Oriented Design
6    P INFO2110 and COMP2129
Semester 1
Human-Computer Interaction
6      Semester 2
Management of IT Projects and Systems
6    A INFO2110 or INFO2810 or INFO2900
Semester 1
Enterprise Scale Software Architecture
6    A Programming competence in Java or similar OO language. Capacity to master novel technologies (especially to program against novel APIs) using manuals, tutorial examples, etc.
Semester 1
Software Quality Engineering
6    A You are capable of writing programs with multiple functions or methods in multiple files. You are capable of design complex data structures and combine them in non trivial algorithms. You know how to use an integrated development environment. You are familiar and have worked previously with software version control systems. You know how to distribute the workload derived from the unit of study effectively throughout the week and make sure that time is truly productive.
Semester 1
Object Oriented Application Frameworks
6    A Java programming, and some web development experience are essential. Databases strongly recommended
Semester 2
Complete an additional 6 credit points of units of study from the Software Engineering Stream Specialist table below.

Software Engineering Stream Specialist units

Complete a total of 48 credit points of Stream Specialist units.
Complete a minimum of 36 credit points (with no more than 18 credit points of level 1000 or 2000 units) from:
Any COMP, ELEC and INFO units may be taken as Software Specialist units.
The following units may also be taken as Software Specialist units.
Accounting, Business and Society
6    N ACCT1001 or ACCT1002 or ACCT1003 or ACCT1004 or ACCT1005

This unit of study is a compulsory part of the Bachelor of Commerce and combined Bachelor of Commerce degrees.
Semester 1
Semester 2
Linear Mathematics and Vector Calculus
6    P (MATH1011 or MATH1001 or MATH1901 or MATH1906) and (MATH1014 or MATH1002 or MATH1902) and (MATH1003 or MATH1903 or MATH1907)
N MATH2001 or MATH2901 or MATH2002 or MATH2902 or MATH2961 or MATH2067
Semester 1
Summer Main
Marketing Principles
6    N MKTG2001
Semester 1
Semester 2
Physics 1 (Regular)
6    A HSC Physics or PHYS1003 or PHYS1004 or PHYS1902 or equivalent. Students who have not completed HSC Physics (or equivalent) are strongly advised to take the Physics Bridging Course (offered in February).
N PHYS1002 or PHYS1901 or EDUH1017
Semester 1
Physics 1 (Technological)
6    A HSC Physics or PHYS1001 or PHYS1002 or PHYS1901 or equivalent. Students who have not completed HSC Physics (or equivalent) are strongly advised to take the Physics Bridging Course (offered in February).
N PHYS1004 or PHYS1902

It is recommended that PHYS1001 or PHYS1002 or PHYS1901 be completed before this unit
Semester 2
Physics 2EE
6    A (MATH1001 or MATH1901) and (MATH1002 or MATH1902) and (MATH1003 or MATH1903) and (MATH1005 or MATH1905)
P (PHYS1001 or PHYS1901) and (PHYS1003 or PHYS1902)
N PHYS2203 or PHYS2001 or PHYS2901 or PHYS2011 or PHYS2911 or PHYS2002 or PHYS2902 or PHYS2012 or PHYS2912
Semester 2
Complete a maximum of 12 credit points of units of study from the Bachelor of Engineering Honours General Electives table.

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