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Advanced Engineering Program

"Good engineers solve problems; great engineers identify what problems to solve."

Are you looking for more from your degree than a high level of technical expertise?
Do you want to work on making the world a better place?
Are you itching to apply your interest in engineering to solving real-world problems?
Does the thought of working together with talented and committed students like you excite you?
Do you want to learn by immersion in team-based projects where you determine what is important and how to achieve it?

Advanced Engineering provides a stream of learning experiences in each year of your degree in addition to your specific engineering courses.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • design and implement engineering solutions to Third World problems
  • develop your unrealised entrepreneurial skills by launching your own company offering a technology-based product or service
  • engage in understanding engineering so well that you can convey this learning to a really tough audience – Year 10 students
  • design and implement a practical engineering solution for a real client.

Entry to Advanced Engineering is competitive and is on the basis or ATAR or equivalent.

Students in the Advanced Engineering program will replace Integrated Engineering units by the Advanced Engineering units as described in the Advanced Engineering unit of study table.

You may take any engineering stream within this program.