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Bachelor of Information Technology

Course Overview

If you aim to pursue a career as a multi-skilled leader in IT, our Bachelor of Information Technology has been developed in extensive consultation with the industry. You will enjoy considerable flexibility within your course of study and emerge equipped to tackle the challenges of this demanding and dynamic field.

We offer a choice of two streams: information systems or computer science.

The computer science stream involves the study of computers and computer programs. You will excel in this stream if you're more technically-minded and want to contribute to the future development and support of computer technology.

The information systems stream comprises the study of the direct application of software design and development to the business domain. You will gain an understanding of the principles and techniques involved in the analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of computer systems within a business environment.

Course Requirements

To meet the requirements of the Bachelor of Information Technology, a candidate must successfully complete 192 credit points, comprising:

  1. a minimum of 144 credit points of core and selected core units of study in the chosen stream; and
  2. 18 credit points of selected Mathematics and Statistics units, with at least six credit points at 2000-level or above; and
  3. a maximum of 30 credit points of elective units of study;

and ensuring:

  1. no more than 72 credit points in junior (1000-level) units of study, and
  2. at least 90 credit points in 3000-level or above units of study.

For a standard enrolment plan for Bachelor of Information Technology visit CUSP