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Executive Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA) - progression

Progression guide

The Executive Master of Business Administration involves one and a half (1.5) calendar years of intensive study. Students are required to follow a prescribed schedule of study, to facilitate progressive learning.

Students will enrol in six, 12-credit point units of study over 18 months (two units in each of the three semesters).

EMBA Delivery Structure – 2017 intake

In 2017, the EMBA is to be delivered as set out in the following table.

The total duration of this program is 18 months.

Module / Unit of study Module / Unit Location Module Timeframe/Duration
EMBA6000 Executive MBA Primers # Online: Economics, Financial Statements, Marketing, Operations Management, Excel Spreadsheets February to October 2017
EMBA6001 EMBA Report # In-company project; ongoing over 18 months August 2017 to July 2018

EMBA6002 Reframing Leadership # *

Off-site location in Sydney February 2017
EMBA6003 Managing Connected Enterprises # * University of Sydney and off-site location in Australia. May 2017

EMBA6004 Thriving in New Markets # * ^

Bangalore, India or another location to be determined October 2017
EMBA6005 Finding Opportunity in Disruptive Technology # * ^ Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, California, USA or another location to be determined. January 2018
EMBA6006 Challenging Business Models # * ^ Cambridge,UK and another location to be determined June 2018

# These modules involve self-directed distance learning (with mentors) and/or pre-module preparation.
* These modules involve two-week residential face-to-face delivery approximately every four months.
^ The locations of the 'Thriving in New Markets', 'Finding Opportunity in Disruptive Technology' and 'Challenging Business Models' modules may change, with locations to be confirmed by July 2017.

Note: For further details regarding how individual modules/units are offered students should refer the EMBA page on the Business School website or contact the EMBA Program Coordinator at