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Executive Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA)

This section outlines the course rules and other requirements for the Executive Master of Business Administration offered by the University of Sydney Business School.

Course details
Executive Master of Business Administration
Course abbreviation EMBA
Credit points required for completion 72
Duration (minimum) 1.5 calendar years

The Executive Master of Business Administration is designed to meet the needs of experienced managers who are on a path towards, or working in senior leadership positions in their organisations.

It is structured as a series of five two-week residential units of study over 18 months, enabling busy executives to complete the degree in tandem with their work commitments. In addition, throughout the 18 months participants prepare an Executive Report that addresses a major strategic issue facing their organisation. These reports are presented to a group of senior stakeholders at the end of the degree. Learning is highly experiential and structured around major strategic challenges rather than traditional business disciplines, with leadership as the underlying theme. The course will also expose participants to a wide range of perspectives drawn from beyond business and economics, such as drama, music and philosophy, to broaden the mind, and further develop self-awareness and leadership attributes.

As well as taking place in Sydney, learning occurs in three other continents representing contrasting business contexts. Participants gain hands-on experience in these other parts of the globe by working on live projects and being exposed to a range of people and situations.