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The Writing Hub, situated in the School of Letters, Art and Media (SLAM), offers units of study in writing and rhetoric.

Program structure and content

Writing Hub postgraduate units of study are designed to increase students’ abilities in writing, communication, and critical literacies, including digital literacy. We offer a range of units to cater for writers at all levels, from those struggling with English or academic writing conventions to more confident writers wishing to improve their writing and persuasiveness for particular audiences. We provide students at all levels with proven strategies for both producing effective writing and critically analysing a range of texts. The Writing Hub offers two streams of postgraduate units of study: Professional and Advanced Writing (WRIT), and Academic English and Critical Literacies Support (FASS).

Professional/Advanced Writing units of study are appropriate for students from all disciplines planning to enter the workforce or those already engaged in workplace writing, editing, and communication contexts. These units of study are also beneficial for students wishing to improve their abilities to produce “everyday” writing, including emails, job applications, CVs, cover letters, complaint/commendation letters, and good/bad news letters. The Writing Hub offers two professional writing units of study:

  • WRIT6000 Professional Writing
  • WRIT6001 Professional Editing

Academic English and Critical Literacies Support units of study are appropriate for international students, students whose first language is not English, or anyone wishing to improve their academic writing, academic presentations, and critical reading and thinking. These Units of Study are highly recommended for students needing additional support, as well as those who may be returning to the academy after an extended break or study interruption. The Writing Hub offers the following UoS in this stream:

  • FASS7001 Academic English for Postgraduates
  • FASS7002 Academic Literacies for Postgraduates

Contact/further information
Department website:

Postgraduate Student Adviser: Dr Frances Di Lauro
Phone: +61 2 9351 5134