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Media and Communications


The Department of Media and Communications offers coursework degrees in Health Communication, Media Practice, Publishing, Strategic Public Relations and Digital Communication and Culture.


The Department of Media and Communications is a fast growing department in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Our highly qualified staff, many with years of industry experience, actively contributes to scholarly and public debates about the characteristics and dynamics of Australia’s pluralist media system, including media politics, business, professional practice and policy. We are interested in the many and diverse ways media and communications help us to make sense of who we are, where we are, and our connections and interactions with others. Current research projects of postgraduate students are examining the cultural and social aspects of digital media and mobile phones, investigating the changes in digital journalism, and analysing telecommunications and broadcasting policies. In broad terms, our research strengths include digital transformations, public service and participatory media, journalism studies, political and strategic public communication, media histories and cultures, and critical practice in the media and communications professions.

Supervision opportunities are available in a wide range of areas of study in the media and communications field, including communication technologies, media relations, journalism studies, public broadcasting, media policy and regulation, health communication, literary journalism, political communication, strategic corporate communication, media history, media education, media and youth culture, disability and the media, media and social change, PR/advertising, magazine studies, philosophy of communications, and cultural politics. For more details of the specific research interests of MECO academics, go to the staff webpages on the department website.

Department website:

Postgraduate Research Coordinator: Dr Joyce Nip
Phone: +61 2 9351 2432

Awards and Requirements

Please refer to the degree resolutions in this Handbook and to the ‘Faculty Admissions Policy and Procedure for: Doctor of Philosophy: Pathways to admission’, for information on the specific admission requirements for different research award courses.

Master of Arts (Research)
Master of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Arts
Doctor of Social Sciences