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Diploma of Social Sciences

Degree structure and Requirements

Diploma of Social Sciences

To qualify for the award of the Diploma of Social Sciences, a candidate must successfully complete 48 credit points chosen from any of the subject areas listed below, which may include an optional major or minor.

Majors, minors and subject areas

A major consists of 48 credit points in a single subject area. A minor consists of 36 credit points in a single subject area.

In the Diploma of Social Sciences, students may select to complete a major or a minor from the specified Table A subject areas offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Arts to fulfil the requirements of their degree.

Available majors or subject areas:


Students enrolled in the Diploma of Social Sciences can complete elective units of study from the subject areas specified above from Table A (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). The available units of study are listed in the Table A Subject Areas of this handbook.