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About the Dalyell Stream

What is the Dalyell Stream?

The Dalyell stream is a targeted stream that offers outstanding students the opportunity to engage in challenging experiences to gain greater breadth and/or depth of learning in their degree, and achieve the graduate qualities to a high level.

It emphasises the development of vision, depth of understanding, adaptability, breadth of perspective, societal contribution and a high level of capability in operating across disciplinary and cultural boundaries.

Students who participate in the Dalyell stream are known as the Dalyell Scholars. Dalyell Scholars are named after a distinguished alumna of the University, Elsie Jean Dalyell (pronounced "Dee-el").

Elsie Jean Dalyell OBE (1881-1948) was a distinguished medical graduate from and the first full-time female academic in the Faculty of Medicine. She was a pioneer resident medical officer at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and following this she travelled to London on a scholarship where she served in the First World War, then later worked as a senior clinician in a Vienna-based research team studying deficiency diseases in children. She was a leader in her field and it is in this spirit that the Dalyell Program has been developed.

Expected Qualities of a Dalyell Scholar




Relevant graduate quality/ies


Dalyell Scholars will be able to analyse and interpret complex scenarios, structure problems and develop effective cross/interdisciplinary, novel or research-based solutions to tackle systemic societal and global problems.

Broader skills:

- Critical thinking and problem solving

- Information and digital literacy

- Inventiveness


Dalyell Scholars will be able to demonstrate a high degree of capability, resilience and agility in operating across cultural boundaries and engage ethically, respectfully and professionally in inter and cross-cultural settings and on the world-stage.

- Cultural competence

- An integrated professional, ethical and personal identity


Dalyell Scholars will integrate deep disciplinary knowledge and synthesise multiple viewpoints, practices or disciplines into their own perspective and will use this to influence others.


- Interdisciplinary effectiveness

- Influence

- Communication

When can students enter and exit the Dalyell stream?

Students may only enter the Dalyell stream at two points.

They may enter at the start of their first year; via a 98+ ATAR or equivalent for alternative pathways, e.g. 90+ ATAR for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Students who are enrolled in degrees that offer Dalyell may be eligible to transfer into the stream after the end of their first year or equivalent (48cp). Eligibility to transfer into the stream will require achievement of a cross semester average mark (CSAM) of 80 or more and an invitation to join the stream will be sent from Sydney Student.

Students can exit the Dalyell stream at any time. Dalyell Scholars will need to maintain an CSAM (cross-semester average mark) of 75 to remain in the stream.

Full information can be found in the Dalyell Scholars section of the Current Students website.