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Progression guide

Students progress through this degree as set out in the following table.

For details of the offering sessions and other information for the units listed in this table, please refer to the Table of postgraduate units of study: Master of Business Administration (Leadership and Enterprise).

Mid to late 2020  Start of 2021  Mid to late 2021   
 Session 1  Session 2  Session 3  Session 4   Session 5  Session 6  Session 7


Leadership Practice and Development


Creativity, Innovation and Business


Strategies for Growth


Innovation in Strategic Marketing


Business Sustainability Project



Leading Business Innovation


Building Global Capability 


Design-led Strategy: Business Capstone 


Critical Analysis and Thought Leadership


Nature of Systems


Financial Management


Data Analytics and Modelling


Leading in a Digital World




(voluntary, 1x6 weeks)


* Note: Internship only permitted after 4 units of study have been completed and prior to capstone.

For further details on how individual units will be offered, students should refer to the MBA page on the Business School website or contact the Program Coordinator, MBA Programs.