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Progression guide

The Executive Master of Business Administration involves one and a half (1.5) calendar years of intensive study. Students are required to follow a prescribed schedule of study, to facilitate progressive learning.

Students will enrol in six, 12-credit point units of study over 18 months (two units in each of the three semesters).

For details of the offering sessions and other information for the units listed in this table, please refer to the Table of postgraduate units of study: Executive Master of Business Administration.

EMBA Delivery Structure – 2020 intake

In 2020, the EMBA is to be delivered as set out in the following table.

The total duration of this program is 18 months.

Module / Unit of study Module / Unit Location Module Timeframe/Duration
EMBA6000 Executive MBA Primers # Online: Economics, Finance, Marketing, Data Analytics and Academic Writing
February to October 2020
EMBA6001 EMBA Report # Individual project; ongoing over 18 months August 2020 to July 2021

EMBA6002 Reframing Leadership # *

Off-site location in Sydney February 2020
EMBA6003 Managing Connected Enterprises # * University of Sydney and Hobart, Tasmania. May 2020

EMBA6004 Thriving in New Markets # * ^

Bangalore, India or another location to be determined September 2020
EMBA6005 Finding Opportunity in Disruptive Technology # * ^ Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, California, USA or another location to be determined. January 2021
EMBA6006 Challenging Business Models # * ^ An overseas location to be determined. June 2021

# These modules involve self-directed distance learning (with mentors) and/or pre-module preparation.
* These modules involve two-week residential face-to-face delivery approximately every four months.
^ The locations of the 'Thriving in New Markets', 'Finding Opportunity in Disruptive Technology' and 'Challenging Business Models' modules may change, with locations to be confirmed by July 2020.

Note: For further details regarding how individual modules/units are offered students should refer the EMBA page on the Business School website or contact the EMBA Program Coordinator at .