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Master of Nursing


Master of Nursing

These resolutions must be read in conjunction with applicable University By-laws, Rules and policies including (but not limited to) the University of Sydney (Coursework) Rule 2014 (the 'Coursework Rule'), the Coursework Policy 2014, the Resolutions of the School, the University of Sydney (Student Appeals against Academic Decisions) Rule 2006 (as amended), the Academic Honesty in Coursework Policy 2015 and the Academic Honesty Procedures 2016. Up to date versions of all such documents are available from the Policy Register:

Course resolutions

1 Course codes


Course title


Master of Nursing

2 Attendance pattern

The attendance pattern for this course is full time or part time according to candidate choice.
Candidates will attend either the Mallet Street campus or the Westmead campus for the duration of their degree. Transfer between campuses is only permissible in exceptional circumstances with the approval of the Head of School and Dean of Sydney Nursing School.

3 Master's type

This master's degree is a professional master's course, as defined by the Coursework Rule.

4 Admission to candidature

Available places will be offered to qualified applicants based on merit, according to the following admission criteria.
Admission to the Master of Nursing requires:
satisfaction of the English language proficiency requirements detailed in the school resolutions; and either
a bachelor's degree from the University of Sydney or equivalent qualification; or
a Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, or equivalent qualification, and relevant work experience.
Performance in an interview to a standard considered satisfactory by the University of Sydney Nursing School; and
Performance in an admissions test approved by the University of Sydney Nursing School to a standard considered satisfactory by the School.
Applicants who are registered as a nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia are not eligible to apply for this course. Applicants who are currently registered in their home country and who do not meet the requirements for registration as a nurse in Australia are eligible to apply for this program provided they meet the above entry requirements.
Qualifications used as the basis of admission must have been completed less than ten years prior to application. Qualifications older than ten years will be considered subject to the applicant providing further information substantiating appropriate continuing education and development. In these cases, admission will be at the discretion of the Dean.
An applicant will not be admitted to candidature for the Master of Nursing unless the applicant has qualified for the award of a bachelors degree prior to 1 January of the year in which the applicant intends to commence the Master of Nursing.
In exceptional circumstances the Dean may admit applicants without the above qualifications who, in the opinion of the school, have qualifications and evidence of experience and achievement sufficient to successfully undertake the award.
In addition, this course requires applicants to have the ability to undertake clinical placements. The School's Clinical Policy contains further details of the requirements.

5 Requirements for award

The units of study that may be taken for the course are set out in the units of study table for the Master of Nursing.
To qualify for the award of the Master of Nursing a candidate must complete 96 credit points of core units of study.
Candidates are required to attend clinical simulation and fieldwork as prescribed. Where appropriate, the school may require individual candidates to undertake further or remedial theoretical, clinical or practical study in addition to the above requirements.

6 Progression rules

Candidates may be permitted to enrol in Year Two units of study while also enrolled in Year One units of study in the Master of Nursing providing the requested units are available in the required semester and the pre-requisites and co-requisites have been met.

7 Time limits

A full time candidate must complete all the requirements for the course within four calendar years of first enrolment, including periods of suspension.
A part time candidate must complete all the requirements for the course within five calendar years of first enrolment, including periods of suspension.

8 Credit for previous study

Credit awarded for previous study will not exceed 24 credit points.
Credit will not be granted for recognised prior learning older than five years at the time of first enrolment.

9 Transitional provisions

These resolutions apply to students who commenced their candidature after 1 January, 2018 and students who commenced their candidature prior to 1 January, 2018 who elect to proceed under these resolutions.
Candidates who commenced prior to 1 January, 2018 may complete the requirements in accordance with the resolutions in force at the time of their commencement, provided that requirements are completed by 1 January, 2023. The school may specify a later date for completion or specify alternative requirements for completion of candidatures that extend beyond this time.