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About Table O Open Learning Environment

What is Table O Open Learning Environment?

Table O lists the units of study offered in the Open Learning Environment (OLE).OLE units are designed to build novel skill combinations and extend their knowledge by exploring other fields of study.

OLE units in the undergraduate area cover topics including:

  • basic skills in programming of different kinds
  • data analysis skills
  • entrepreneurial thinking
  • design thinking
  • ethics
  • ethical reasoning
  • contemporary debates and critical thinking
  • foundational and advanced communication skills
  • personal and interpersonal skills and teamwork, team leadership and project management.

OLE units in the Higher Degree by Research area cover topics including:

  • commercialisation, research translation and innovation systems
  • communication (including advanced and specialised topics)
  • data management
  • effective teaching approaches
  • entrepreneurship
  • ethics and ethical reasoning; programming
  • project management
  • quantitative and qualitative analysis.

OLE units are zero, two or six credit points.

The two and six credit point units are listed in this handbook in the Table O unit of study table.

These units are enrolled into via Sydney Student and have the same enrolment and assessment processes that apply to other two and six credit point units of study, e.g. census dates, grading and fees.

Zero credit point OLE units are listed in the OLE Canvas website. Students enrol in OLE units through Canvas, not Sydney Student. The zero credit point units are free for any University of Sydney student, completely online and are available throughout the year. Some units have a matching two or six credit point version (allowing you to get a taste of the subject before enrolling in the credit point version), while others are standalone zero credit point units.