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About Honours

Meritorious students enrolled in a combined degree with the Bachelor of Advanced Studies can take Honours.

Honours comprises a designated set of 4000-level units of study, which total between 36 – 48 credit points, and include advanced coursework and an honours research project.

Admission into an embedded honours component in the combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies requires you to complete a qualifying major and achieve a specified weighted average mark (WAM) over the first three years of your combined degree.

These requirements are set by the faculty in which you will take honours, and can be found in the relevant handbook.

You must also meet any additional requirements for the honours component set by the school or faculty as set out in the relevant handbook.

The available Honours units of study can be found within the:


Standalone Honours degrees for students who enrolled in their degree prior to 2018, which append to existing degrees, will also still be available.