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Majors in the Bachelor of Advanced Computing

Compulsory Major

All students in the Bachelor of Advanced Computing undertake one of the following four majors.

Computer Science

A major in computer science covers the key concepts of computation. You will learn the principles and techniques needed to solve tasks efficiently with computation, and how to express those solutions in software. You will also discover how computation can be modelled and how to reason about the limits of what computation can achieve. A major in computer science will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to innovate in information technology, and create fundamentally new IT solutions to future challenges.

Computational Data Science

The Computational Data Science major will develop your mathematical, analytical and technical skills to create solutions to guide data-driven decision making. Data scientists build intelligent systems to manage, interpret, understand and derive key knowledge from big data sets.

Leveraging the University of Sydney's research strengths, you will explore the latest in computational statistics, large-scale data processing, data mining, machine learning and data visualisation, while also developing the skills to effectively communicate data insights to key stakeholders.

Information Systems

Information Systems is the study of people and organisations in order to determine and deliver solutions that meet their technological needs. Hence Information Systems deals with the following type of issues: strategic planning, system development, system implementation, operational management, end-user needs and education. Information Systems study is related to Computer Science but the crucial distinction is that Information Systems is about making computer systems work to optimise the productivity and efficiency of organisations, whereas much of Computer Science is about developing software technologies to solve problems, which can improve quality of life and enhance delivery of service. The school's research in Information Systems encompasses natural language processing, IT economics, social networking analysis, ontology design, data mining and analysis, and knowledge management and open source software.

Software Development

A major in software development provides the understanding and skill that allow a team to reliably produce high-quality working software that meets client needs. From a foundation of individual programming skill, you will learn the theory and practices involved in determining requirements, designing software solutions, and delivering the outcomes.

Optional Major

Students in the Bachelor of Advanced Computing may also undertake a second major or a minor. This may be either a second major from those listed above, or any major or minor from Table S.