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Indigenous Health Promotion

Degree resolutions

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Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Health Promotion

These resolutions must be read in conjunction with applicable University By-laws, Rules and policies including (but not limited to) the University of Sydney (Coursework) Rule 2014 (the 'Coursework Rule'), the Coursework Policy 2014, the Resolutions of the Faculty, the University of Sydney (Student Appeals against Academic Decisions) Rule 2006 (as amended) and the Academic Board policies on Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism. Up to date versions of all such documents are available from the Policy Register:

Course resolutions

1 Course codes

Code Course title
GNINHEPR-02 Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Health Promotion


2 Attendance pattern

The attendance pattern for this course is full time only.


3 Admission to candidature

Available places will be offered to qualified applicants based on merit, according to the following admissions criteria. In exceptional circumstances the Dean may admit applicants without these qualifications but whose evidence of experience and achievement is deemed to be equivalent.
Admission to the diploma is restricted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples and requires:
at least three years working experience in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities, and experience in engaging communities in action to improve their health;
prior learning that shows they can complete a course of study - the most obvious example is a degree or equivalent, but credit can be given for all forms of tertiary education, including VET courses.


4 Requirements for award

The units of study that may be taken for the courses are set out in the Table of Units of Study: Indigenous Health Promotion.
To qualify for the award of the Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Health Promotion a candidate must successfully complete 36 credit points, comprising:
36 credit points of core units of study.