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Public Health

Graduate Diploma in Public Health

Master of Public Health

Extended Public Health programs (available to enrolled students):

Master of Public Health (Professional Practice)

Master of Public Health (Chronic Disease Prevention)


  Graduate Diploma in Public Health Master of Public Health Master of Public Health (Professional Practice) Master of Public Health (Chronic Disease Prevention)
CRICOS code 006457G 054757G N/A  080361A
Degree Abbreviation GradDipPH MPH MPH(Professional Practice) MPH(Chronic Disease Prevention)
Credit points required to complete 36 48 60  60
Time to complete full-time 1 year 1 year 1.5 years (or 0.5 year following the MPH) 1.5 years (or 0.5 year following the MPH)
Time to complete part-time 1 to 3 years 1 to 4 years 1.5 to 6 years  1.5 to 6 years


The Public Health program focuses on the prevention of illness and the promotion of health, with practitioners playing a proactive rather than a reactive role, especially with regard to the coordination of relevant community resources. These courses provide the opportunity to develop skills and acquire knowledge essential for the effective practice of public health, including the effective management of community health problems.

The Master of Public Health (Professional Practice) program allows high-performing students to extend their MPH coursework degree with a workplace practicum. Students will undertake 12 additional credit points of study/training in a supervised professional placement.

The Master of Public Health (Chronic Disease Prevention) extends the MPH program by the addition of advanced and specialised study in prevention. The program will suit high quality students who wish to pursue a career in public health with an emphasis on chronic disease prevention. Students will have the opportunity to undertake 12 additional credit points of study in Prevention, as well as undertaking a structured program of study from a range of electives in prevention related areas within their MPH program.

Eligibility for the two extended programs will be restricted to students who attain a weighted average mark of at least 75% in their first 24 core credit points within the MPH. Selection will be based on a competitive process. Applicants to the Chronic Disease Prevention extended program are also required to describe the relevance of prevention to their public health training.

Successful applicants will transfer from MPH to MPH (Professional Placement) or MPH (Chronic Disease Prevention) and enrol for an additional semester (12 credit points).

Course outcomes

The skills and knowledge you will acquire are in the areas of:

  • Research Methods - such as assessing the quality of research studies; using basic mortality and other data for descriptive purposes; and evaluating public health interventions and programs
  • Health Services - such as developing an understanding of public and private sector health care delivery; using various sources of information for forming health policy; and interpreting the role of governments in the delivery of health services
  • Public Health Practice - such as analysing social and cultural factors relating to public health problems; describing the principles of disease prevention and control across a population; and examining major public health strategies and their application.

Further information

The majority of core units of study are scheduled in Semester 1. The core units provide basic health knowledge and skills in epidemiology, biostatistics, public health, qualitative health research, health promotion and public health ethics. Most electives are in Semester 2 of each year.

Many units of study are available in online mode. Please consult the School of Public Health website for more information. Assessment methods vary from unit to unit and include assignments, class exercises and, for some core units of study, examinations.

Expressions of interest for the Master of Public Health (Professional Practice) and the Master of Public Health (Chronic Disease Prevention) must be submitted by 31 August.

Further enquiries

MPH Program Administrator
Phone: +61 2 9114 1228
Fax: +61 2 9036 6247