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Clinical Neurophysiology

Graduate Certificate in Medicine (Clinical Neurophysiology)*

Graduate Diploma in Medicine (Clinical Neurophysiology)*

Master of Medicine (Clinical Neurophysiology)*

Master of Medicine (Advanced)(Clinical Neurophysiology)*


Graduate Certificate in Science in Medicine (Clinical Neurophysiology)*

Graduate Diploma in Science in Medicine (Clinical Neurophysiology)*

Master of Science Medicine (Clinical Neurophysiology)*

Master of Science Medicine (Advanced) (Clinical Neurophysiology)*


* only available on a part-time basis in 2016 and not open to international students on a student visa.
  Graduate Certificate Graduate Diploma Master Master (Advanced)
Course code (degree in Science in Medicine) GCSCMEDI1CCM GNSCMEDI1CCM MASCMEDI1CCM MASCMEAD1CCM
CRICOS code Medicine: 083649E
Science in Medicine: 083650A
Medicine: 083647G
Science in Medicine: 083648F
Medicine: 083643M
Science in Medicine: 083721B
Medicine: 083644K
Science in Medicine: 083646G
Degree Abbreviation GradCertMed(ClinNeuroPhysiol)
Credit points required to complete  24  36 48 60
Time to complete full-time  0.5 year  1 year 1 year 1.5 years
Time to complete part-time 1 - 2 years  1.5 - 3 years 2 - 4 years 2 - 5 years


Clinical neurophysiology is a broad discipline, encompassing diagnostic services for patients presenting with neurological dysfunction, systemic diseases and critical illnesses, through to the provision of intraoperative monitoring of the nervous system during at-risk procedures.

This course is designed for anaesthetists, neurologists, neurophysiology scientists and technologists, and trainees in these areas.

The Master of Medicine and the Master of Science in Medicine have different admission requirements. Only medical graduates (ie those with a recognised medical degree) may be admitted to the Master of Medicine while non-medical graduates may be admitted to the Master of Science in Medicine.

Course outcomes

This coursework will provide graduates with a sound understanding of the theoretical principles and practical application of the commonly employed techniques in clinical neurophysiology. Graduates will develop the knowledge and skills to work in diagnostic and perioperative settings.

Course information

The courses aim to provide structured educational programs in neurophysiological monitoring to complement experiential learning in the workplace. This will be the only postgraduate coursework of its kind in Australia.

In 2016, the program will only be available for part-time study but will be available for full-time study in subsequent years. It will be delivered largely online with all clinical units of study (except Basic Sciences in Clinical Neurophysiology) incorporating short intensive face-to-face teaching in block mode in Sydney.

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