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International Ophthalmology

Graduate Diploma in International Ophthalmology

Master of International Ophthalmology


  Graduate Diploma in International Ophthalmology Master of International Ophthalmology
Course code GNINTOPH1000 MAINTOPH1000
Degree Abbreviation GradDipIOphth MIOphth
Credit points required to complete 36 48
Time to complete full-time 1 year 1 year
Time to complete part-time 1.5 to 4 years 1.5 to 6 years


International Ophthalmology focuses on the specific training needs of clinicians in the developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region, but is not limited to these countries. It provides students with the skills to competently practise ophthalmology at the highest possible standard with an emphasis on the specific diseases and pathologies of their home countries.

Students will gain practical skills including knowledge on the prognosis and management of common eye conditions, diseases and injuries to the eye. The course provides the opportunity for extensive practical experience, including performing ophthalmic surgery and management of post-operative complications.

Clinical and basic sciences are taught online and local and visiting mentors provide valuable clinical teaching and supervision in the student's working environment.

Course outcomes

The courses provide graduates with the practical experience and knowledge to manage ophthalmic conditions specific to their native countries.

Further information

The majority of the degree is in the form of distance learning.

The method of assessment for online units will be based on assignments (three assignments over the course of each semester), problem-based learning modules and online participation.

Students enrolled in the Community Stream will undertake their practical units of study under the guidance of the course coordinator and may be completed in their home country, in another developing country or at the Save Sight Institute in Sydney.

Students enrolled in the Vocational Stream will undertake their practical units under the guidance of a visiting mentor either to their home country or to another developing country.

Postgraduate Coordinator (Education)
Phone: +61 2 9382 7284