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Professor Derrick Armstrong, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Professor Derrick Armstrong, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Welcome to all new and continuing postgraduate students at the University of Sydney. You are part of Australia's first university, and a member of a thriving community of world-class scholars and researchers.

We value our postgraduate students. You are an important part of our community and we respect your contribution to the knowledge base, success and diversity of the University.

The University of Sydney offers you three simple but vital advantages:


We have the most comprehensive range of courses in Australia, with leading expertise in all fields. The University of Sydney has more higher degree research programs than any other university in Australia. We offer coursework programs that are academically challenging and professionally relevant in an environment that encourages independent learning and interaction amongst peers.


We offer a stimulating, supportive and enriching educational experience at one of the world's best universities. This is a research-intensive environment where the University of Sydney leads in funded research projects competitively determined by the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council. Students from every continent in the world are studying at the University of Sydney. You will form lifetime friendships and valuable networks here.


Our graduates have achieved and continue to achieve leading roles in their careers. You will find an environment of opportunity; a strengthening experience of self-awareness and self-reliance.

Postgraduate students are future leaders of Australia and other countries, as well as the next generation of academics. University of Sydney alumni include prime ministers, governors general, Nobel Prize winners, and leaders in every field of endeavour.

We now have more than 17,000 postgraduate students, more than a third of all students at the University. We will continue to make significant investment in facilities for postgraduate students, and targeted academic support for supervisors, course coordinators and lecturers.

I look forward to meeting you at the postgraduate student induction program. This will give you essential information about how the University works, to ensure a smooth transition to postgraduate study. You will hear about the rights and responsibilities of students; professional ethics; the library; academic integrity and intellectual property; and resources for postgraduates, including social and sporting opportunities.

Welcome to the University of Sydney, and good luck with your studies.

Professor Derrick Armstrong
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)


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