University of Sydney Handbooks - 2013 Archive

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At a glance

The purpose of this handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to provide a convenient source of reference for research and coursework postgraduate students about the requirements for postgraduate degrees, graduate diplomas and graduate certificates within the University. It does not attempt to be comprehensive in its coverage but rather, where appropriate, to provide direction to appropriate sources of information. Students should also refer to the faculty handbook in which they are enrolled for information specific to their degree.

Regulations and policies

The University of Sydney is governed by a number of regulations. Some of the regulations that cover postgraduate study include:

Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA)

SUPRA is the student-run advocacy and representative association for all postgraduate students at the University of Sydney. It provides advice, advocacy and support services for the Sydney University postgraduate student community.

SUPRA offers a free, confidential, independent, and professional advocacy service, with Student Advice and Advocacy Officers (SAAOs) employed by the association to assist postgraduate students with academic, welfare, employment, housing, and personal issues.

SAAOs can provide support for academic appeals, Show Cause and exclusion matters, problems with research supervision, issues of tenancy and employment, assistance dealing with Centrelink, and referrals to counselling or health services, and many other academic and personal issues.

SUPRA represents all postgraduate students of the University of Sydney. SUPRA councillors sit on many University governance bodies and they speak out on behalf of students on many issues, including academic concerns and equal access for all students. SUPRA councillors have regular meetings with the Vice-Chancellor and other senior staff to raise matters of concern to postgraduate students. SUPRA uses these forums to monitor University policy and promote postgraduate interests in decision-making.

For more information about the services offered and the location of the SUPRA office, visit the SUPRA website.

Student Research Experience Questionnaires

During their studies at the University of Sydney, postgraduate students may be asked to respond to internal student satisfaction surveys. The results of these surveys are used to improve the student experience, learning and teaching, or research training more generally.Click here for more information about the Student Research Experience Questionnaires (SREQ).