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Commerce subject areas

The subject areas listed in this section are those areas which are available to students enrolled in the Commerce coursework programs for which to choose specialisations or electives.

Commerce subject areas

Students enrolled in the 1.5 year Master of Commerce (72 credit points) students must complete one specialisation. Within the two-year (96 credit point) Master of Commerce (Extension) degree it is possible to complete two specialisations.

A specialisation requires the completion of one six credit point foundational unit of study and 24 credit points in Table A units of study for the specialsiation subject area. Foundational units are normally completed within a student's first semester of study (full-time), or first two semesters (part-time).

Units of study cannot be counted towards more than one specialisation.

Capstone units of study related to these subject areas can be found in Table A for the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master of Commerce OR Table A for the Master of Commerce (Extension).