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Science Honours

Molecular Biology and Genetics

In order to study Molecular Biology and Genetics in an Honours year, eligible students can enrol in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences Honours program.

During the Honours year, students will be involved in a study program designed for those wishing to further develop their laboratory skills and critical thinking. The program is very strongly recommended for any student wishing to enter a research career or undertake further work leading to a higher degree. The program provides the opportunity for individual laboratory research work under the direction of a supervisor. This project culminates in the production of a research thesis and presentation of the key findings in a seminar. During the year each student is also expected to attend research seminars and complete a coursework component that consists of tutorials and an exam based on the critical evaluation of scientific manuscripts. Assessment is based on the research project (including laboratory performance, written report and oral presentation) and the coursework (tutorial performance and written exam).

Molecular Biology and Genetics Honours is taught within the School of Life and Environmental Sciences. The School offers projects in a wide range of research areas including structural biology; proteomics and biotechnology; nutrition and metabolism; molecular biology and genetics and microbiology.

Honours Coordinator, Associate Professor Andrew Holmes

T +61 2 9351 2530

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