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Education (Primary)

About the practical experience

Professional Experience (practice teaching) is integral to both of the primary-school teacher-education degrees offered by Sydney School of Education and Social Work at The University of Sydney, namely the Bachelor of Education (Primary) and the Master of Teaching (Primary). Professional Education placements commence in Year 1 in both instances, culminating in, respectively, a six- and nine-week internship in the final semester of study.

The Office of Professional Experiences in Teacher Education (OPE) builds partnerships with schools that offer Professional Experience placements. One of the major advantages of becoming a placement school is that the Office of Professional Learning (OPL) within Sydney School of Education and Social Work offers free enrolment for teacher-mentors (internship supervisors) in its courses and seminars, which are regarded as a means of strengthening the mentoring of our preservice students. The close relationship between the OPE and OPL is demonstrated by the fact that co-director of Professional Experiences Dr Debra Talbot is director of Professional Learning.

Requirements for completion

Students complete professional experience from their second year through to their fourth year. Students will be introduced to a 15-day block in their second year. In their third year students will complete a 20-day block during semester two. In their fourth and final year students will complete two blocks of professional experience. First a 14-day block during semester one and then a 30-day internship in semester two with the same class from semester one.

Contact and further information

Sydney School of Education and Social Work
Students may visit the Office of Professional Engagement and Program Support:
Level 3, Education Building A35. The office is open Monday to Thursday 10am–4pm and Friday 10am–1pm

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