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Indigenous Health (Substance Use)

Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Health (Substance Use)

Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Health (Substance Use)

Master of Indigenous Health (Substance Use)


This course is no longer on offer. The following information is for continuing students only.
  Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Health (Substance Use) Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Health (Substance Use) Master of Indigenous Health (Substance Use)
Course code GCINHESU1000 GNINHESU1000 MAINHESU1000
CRICOS code  N/A N/A N/A
Degree Abbreviation GradCertIndigH(SubUse) GradDipIndigH(SubUse) MIndigH(SubUse)
Credit points required to complete 24 36 48
Time to complete
0.5 - 1.5 years 1- 2 years 1- 3 years


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) professionals have a unique and important role in helping their communities to reduce the burden of harm from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. They can do this in many ways, including through clinical service delivery, policy and research. The Indigenous Health (Substance Use) program aims to provide Indigenous Australians with further skills and knowledge to work on the prevention and treatment of misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The course was developed in consultation with Indigenous Australian health and other professionals and draws on national and international best practice.

Course outcomes

The Indigenous Health (Substance Use) program aims to build the clinical, public health and academic capacity of Indigenous Australian health professionals to prevent and treat alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems.

Further information

The graduate diploma is a one-year course run in block release mode. If a student is faced with unexpected external circumstances in their first year of study, they can choose to convert to the graduate certificate, which can be awarded after successfully completing four units of study (rather than the six units required for the graduate diploma).

After completing a graduate diploma, a student can apply to undertake the master's degree and, if accepted, will be given credit for the units of study completed in the graduate diploma.

For the graduate diploma, there are six blocks of face-to-face study at the University's Camperdown Campus, each of around one week's length. After each block, students have a series of learning tasks to do at home or in their workplace, amounting to 50 hours work (around 10 hours per week for five weeks).

Students who continue on to the master's degree undertake a further two units of study (12 credit points). Units of study that are available through the Master of Public Health program may be taken if approved by the course coordinator.

Further enquiries

Professor Kate Conigrave
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