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To be considered for admission to the Honours program, students need 24 credit points of senior Physics units of study or equivalent with a SciWAM as specified in the degree resolutions.


24 credits of lecture classes (minimum of 16 credits in physics).


Coursework examinations, a 40-page research report and oral presentation of the Research project. Physics Honours comprises formal coursework (weighted 50 percent) and a research project (weighted 50 percent).

Undertaking an Honours year in Physics

The Honours program in Physics provides students with an opportunity to undertake an original research project as well as attend advanced lecture courses to give students a broad understanding of modern physics at a high level. All students satisfying the qualifying requirements as set out in this handbook are strongly encouraged to apply for entry into Physics Honours. Full-time enrolment is equivalent to 48 credit points for the year. Students are offered an opportunity to carry out independent research as a member of one of the active research groups in the School of Physics, under the supervision of a member of staff. Students may also study with staff from complementary disciplines, subject to the approval of the Honours coordinator. Honours students join a research group in the School of Physics and are encouraged to participate with staff and research students in activities within the school. They are provided with office accommodation, and are expected to attend colloquia and seminars. They may be employed for several hours per week in Junior teaching. Further information is available from Physics Student Services, the Honours Coordinator or from the School of Physics website.

Honours Coordinator:
Professor Peter Tuthill and Dr Michael Schmidt (Deputy)
T +61 2 9351 3679 and +61 2 9351 3810

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Physics Honours

Physics Honours A
12      Semester 1
Semester 2
Physics Honours B
12    C PHYS4011
Semester 1
Semester 2
Physics Honours C
12    C PHYS4012
Semester 1
Semester 2
Physics Honours D
12    C PHYS4013
Semester 1
Semester 2