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Business Analytics

Business Analytics introduces students to the quantitative methods they will need to thrive in the modern business world. Business Analytics is concerned with using business data to develop new insights and understanding. This involves being able to extract and summarise information from the rich data sets readily available in today's business environment; it involves being able to analyse this data in a way that leads to useful models of both the operations and the environment of a business; and it involves being able to respond appropriately as managers to quantitative information and quantitative models, and as such be able to make better business decisions.

As well as being useful in their own right, these skills in business analytics also enhance the effectiveness in the workplace of graduates majoring in other business disciplines. A range of electives is offered allowing students to select topics in business statistics, in operations management and in decision sciences.

Business Analytics is a Table A subject area - Major I subject area for the Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies).

Requirements for a major in Business Analytics

For the award of a major in Business Analytics, students complete:

(1) a six credit point junior prerequisite unit of study, as follows:

  • BUSS1020 Quantitative Business Analysis; (OR ECMT1010 Introduction to Economic Statistics)+

+ Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce and combined degrees (administered by the Business School) MUST complete BUSS1020 as the prerequisite for this major (as it is a core unit for these programs).

(2) 36 credit points in senior units of study, comprising:

(i) 12 credit points in compulsory units of study, as follows:

  • QBUS2310 Management Science
  • QBUS2810 Statistical Modelling for Business.

(ii) 24 credit points in elective units of study (with a minimum of 12 credit points at a 3000-level) selected from the following:

  • QBUS2320 Methods of Decision Analysis
  • QBUS2330 Operations Management
  • QBUS2350 Project Planning and Management
  • QBUS2820 Predictive Analytics
  • QBUS2830 Actuarial Data Analytics
  • QBUS3310 Advanced Management Science
  • QBUS3320 Supply Chain Management *
  • QBUS3810 Actuarial Risk Analysis
  • QBUS3820 Data Mining and Data Analysis
  • QBUS3830 Advanced Analytics.

* Not offered for 2017.

Note: All units of study listed are six credit points unless otherwise indicated.

Unit of study prerequisites, corequisites and other requirements are outlined in Table A units of study: The University of Sydney Business School.