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The Banking Major is offered by the Discipline of Finance in the University of Sydney Business School which is a leading research group currently ranked among the top five finance groups in the Asia-Pacific region. This major takes an applied approach, teaching students the role of banks in the financial system, the management and regulation of banks in the domestic and international contexts and the activities of private and investment banks.

Banking is a Table A subject area and a Major I subject area for the Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies).

Requirements for a major in Banking

For the award of a major in Banking, students must complete:

(1)18 credit points in junior prerequisite units of study, as follows:

  • BUSS1020 Quantitative Business Analysis; OR ECMT1010 Introduction to Economic Statistics +
  • BUSS1030 Accounting, Business and Society
  • BUSS1040 Economics for Business Decision Making; OR ECON1001 Introductory Microeconomics; OR ECON1002 Introductory Macroeconomics ^

+ Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce and combined degrees (administered by the Business School) MUST complete BUSS1020 as it is a core unit for these programs.

^ Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce and combined degrees MUST complete BUSS1040 as it is a core unit for these programs.

(2) 36 credit points in senior units of study, comprising:

(i) 18 credit points in compulsory units of study, as follows:

  • FINC2011 Corporate Finance I
  • BANK2011 Banking and the Financial System; OR ECOS2004 Money and Banking +
  • BANK3011 Bank Financial Management

+ Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce and related combined degrees or the Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) MUST complete BANK2011 as their compulsory unit for this major.

(ii) 18 credit points in elective units of study selected from the following:

  • BANK3012 Bank Regulation and Supervision*
  • BANK3013 International Banking Management*
  • BANK3014 Private and Investment Banking
  • BANK3015 Contemporary Commercial Banking
  • CLAW2204 Banking and Finance Law
  • ECOS3010 Monetary Economics.

* These units are not available in 2017. All BANK coded units will be available from 2018.

Note: All units of study listed are six credit points unless otherwise indicated.

Unit of study prerequisites, corequisites and other requirements are outlined in Table A units of study: The University of Sydney Business School.