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Research centres and areas of interest - Architectural Design

Architectural Design

The school is recognised for excellence in the field of architectural history and theory with expertise in East Asian, European, American and Australian architecture. Research degrees may be completed in one of three key areas:

  • Architectural History and Theory
  • Heritage Conservation or
  • Housing.

Research in Architectural History examines the creation and impact of the built environment with regard to technological, aesthetic, economic, social and cultural change.

Research in Architectural Theory examines a diverse range of architectural topics through the lens of contemporary architectural theory.

Heritage Conservation research studies encompass architectural, landscape and cultural heritage; this school was the first in Australia to teach courses in heritage conservation.

Housing research is supported by the Ian Buchan Fell Housing Research Centre within the school and includes issues such as economic and community development in both Australia and in Southeast Asia.

For further information contact Associate Professor Mathew Aitchison (

) or any member of the discipline.

Research centres

Ian Buchan Fell Housing Research Centre

Ian Buchan Fell, who died in 1961, left the income from his estate to the University for the promotion and encouragement of education and research on housing. The centre is concerned with the needs of people relative to their housing. These needs are related to the complex interactions between people, their housing and other aspects of the built environment.

Planning Research Centre

The Planning Research Centre's main purpose is to further fundamental research into physical planning and development. It also sponsors seminars in specialised fields, undertakes research and consultancy projects, runs professional development courses and promotes the publication of research material. It has an active membership comprised of members of government and industry.

Areas of research

Architectural computing and digital media
  • digital architecture
  • generative architectural design
  • parametric modelling
  • digital design generation
  • building information management
  • architectural animation.