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The following undergraduate degrees are offered by the faculty:

  • Bachelor of Environmental Systems (BEnvSys)
  • Bachelor of Environmental Systems (BEnvSysHons)
  • Bachelor of Food and Agribusiness (BFoodAgrib)
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSciAgr)
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Economics (BAgrEc) *
  • Bachelor of Resource Economics (BResEc) *

* Last intake 2014

Progress through the years

Under normal circumstances, the degree requirements may be satisfied in four years. If you fail to achieve a satisfactory standard in a unit of study at the first attempt, you may repeat the unit. Should you not achieve a satisfactory standard at the second attempt, you will be asked to show good cause or explain why you should be re-admitted to that unit of study and/or degree (see 'Satisfactory progress' in chapter 6). Students repeating units of study which belong to the first-year, second-year or third-year groups of units of study may, with the permission of the faculty, enrol in one or more units of study prescribed for the next higher year. The faculty will normally grant permission for you to undertake units from the next year when:

  1. the timetable arrangements are such that you can attend all lectures, practical classes, tutorials, seminars and excursions in all of the units of study undertaken
  2. you have fulfilled all of the prerequisites, and
  3. you can satisfy the corequisites for the units belonging to the higher year group of units.

Prerequisites are units of study which you must pass before proceeding to another unit.

Corequisites are units of study which should be studied in the same year as another unit if you have not already passed in them.

In the year groupings on the following pages, prerequisites and corequisites for each of the specified units of study are listed. There are circumstances, however, in which the faculty may waive the formal prerequisite and corequisite requirements if you are otherwise suitably qualified to enrol for a unit. The onus is on students to consult the various unit coordinators as to the waivers which may be granted for each unit. The approval of the degree coordinator must be obtained before you can proceed to a unit of study unless you have passed the necessary prerequisites.