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US Studies


Associate Professor Brendon O'Connor
Director of Teaching and Learning & Associate Professor in American Politics
Phone: + 61 2 903609206

Graduate Certificate in US Studies

4 units of study = 24 credit points

Graduate Diploma in US Studies

6 units of study = 36 credit points

Master of US Studies

8 units of study = 48 credit points

Master of Letters in US Studies

12 units of study = 72 credit points

Candidates in the coursework program may choose to plan their study along pathways. Please consult the Director for advice about your individual study plan.

Master of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
Units of study
  • USSC6901 Fundamentals of US Studies
  • USSC6902 US Politics: Presidency and Congress
  • USSC6903 US Foreign and National Security Policy
  • USSC6905 Economic Policy and Regulation
  • USSC6906 US Constitution
  • USSC6907 American Exceptionalism
  • USSC6914 Key Issues in American Culture
  • USSC6916 Research Essay in US Studies*
  • USSC6917 The American City
  • USSC6919 American Film and Hollywood
  • USSC6920 US Media: Politics, Culture, Technology
Additional electives for Master of Letters in US Studies candidates *
  • USSC6201 Treatise Part 1
  • USSC6202 Treatise Part 2
  • USSC6203 Treatise Part 3
  • USSC6204 Internship (12 credit points)
  • USSC6205 Internship Project
  • USSC6207 Exchange 1
  • USSC6208 Exchange 2
  • USSC6209 Exchange 3
  • USSC6210 Exchange 4

* Department permission required

Cross-Listed Electives

Not all units of study are available in all years.

  • ARHT6916 American Art: Pollock to Warhol
  • MECO6906 Literary Journalism: History and Theory
  • HSTY7000 A History of Australia-US Relations
  • WMST6903 Gender, Media and Consumer Societies
  • EDPK5003 Developing a Research Project
  • MKTG6013 International and Global Marketing
  • FINC6013 International Business Finance
  • CISS6001 New Security Challenges
  • CISS6008 Population and Security
  • CISS6007 Terrorism in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • IBUS6016 Social Entrepreneurship
  • IBUS6001 International Business Strategy
  • IBUS6002 Cross Cultural Management